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November 2016 News

The story of Bentley

29/11/2016 10:10:43

When you think of luxury motorcars, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Bentley Motors. A proud part of Britain’s car making tradition, Bentley has long been synonymous with the very highest quality automobiles. Here’s our look a ...

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Worst Cars Ever Made

25/11/2016 09:15:49

Producing a new model is not easy for car makers. Often you only have one chance to get things right, as bad reviews and technical failures can quickly mean your brand new range is nothing but a dud. So what are the worst cars ever made? The ones t ...

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Best time to buy a car

22/11/2016 10:27:12

November sees the return of Black Friday – the day where shops go crazy with massive discounts and bargains on offer. Having made its way to the UK in recent years, it’s the best way to pick up a bargain. But when’s t ...

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The story behind Tesla Motors

18/11/2016 10:28:57

Electric cars used to be something of a joke. Dinky little plastic vehicles that only eco-obsessed hippies would drive. Gradually, technology improved. But battery charge and distance meant that electric cars had limited range and couldn’t hit hig ...

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Behind The Grand Tour

15/11/2016 12:08:40

After almost two years of waiting, Clarkson, Hammond and May will soon be returning to our screens with a car show. Yes, The Grand Tour is set to make its Amazon Prime debut this November and we are all very excited about its return. So let’s ...

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Stars and their cars

11/11/2016 09:22:35

In our modern celebrity-obsessed world, we want to know everything about our stars. What clothes do they wear? What are they eating? Who are they dating? For petrolheads and car lovers, there’s only one thing we’re interested ...

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History of Citroen

08/11/2016 12:26:13

One of the most popular car makers on the planet, Citroen are known for their fantastic hatchbacks and family cars. Now part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, the company celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2014. Here’s our rundown of the company ...

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Most Iconic Bond Cars

04/11/2016 13:41:45

For petrolheads, the vital ingredient of a great James Bond film is simple. Forget your exotic locales, gorgeous women, sharp suits and terrible puns. Itís all about the Bond car. Whether itís a classic Aston Martin or a stylish new BMW, we can ...

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Evolution of Jaguar

02/11/2016 10:30:45

Quite possibly THE most iconic British car maker, Jaguar has built its reputation on prestige vehicles of the highest quality. What is it about the famous leaping big cat that means their cars are so good? Letís take a look through five of their most f ...

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