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October 2010 News

Are Extended Car Warranties Worth It

29/10/2010 11:48:21

Everybody likes to get value for money when making a new purchase. Buying a car is a prime example of this especially as a car is arguably one of the larger purchases that an average person will make in their lifetime. This is why consumer are looking to protect their investment with car warranty packages. Since the height of the UK ...

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Oil Replacement Tips from Go Car Warranty

25/10/2010 17:53:17

Oil has a limited life span where it will operate at its peak efficiency. If you’ve recently purchased your vehicle it won’t be too long until you’re looking to change your oil for the first time. Properly maintaining your oil is a crucial chore that all car owners must undertake if they wish for their car to have long lives and work to their full ...

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Consumers Looking for Comprehensive Car Warranties

08/10/2010 12:02:09

Motorists have always been concerned about their car breaking down. When your car breaks down it is not only an inconvenience but it can also cost the owner a lot of money to fix. As a breakdown is generally unexpected it can be hard for the owner to pay for the repair bills.To try and secure themselves from this many consumers are now ...

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