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October 2013 News

Looking after your carīs bodywork

29/10/2013 14:00:00

Everyone except the most anti-car people will appreciate that cars can look great and it’s for this reason why so many people devote so much time and effort to keep their car ...

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Help prevent rust by knowing where the dirt hides

28/10/2013 11:00:01

Rust is the disease of metal and can spell disaster for any possession with components made from corrosion-prone metals, such as iron. The word is most commonly associated with iron oxidi ...

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Choosing the right oil for your car

16/10/2013 15:10:33

Petrol may be the life’s blood of your car, the essential component of its everyday running and the fuel that drives its parts. However it’s not the only form of ...

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Safety laws when travelling abroad

10/10/2013 17:07:20

Driving abroad can be the most incredible experience. Driving around mountain passes, avoiding long airport queues and enjoying a freedom that can’t be beaten. It can also be harro ...

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Top 10 Roads to Drive in the World

07/10/2013 17:31:08

Driving offers a unique freedom that is difficult to match; the feel of the steering wheel, of power at your feet and the sight of adventure ahead. For some, driving along a cong ...

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Ten gadgets you really donīt need in your car

03/10/2013 09:12:54

Take a visit to any car showroom, anywhere in the world and you’ll see that cars have changed. No longer are they simply four wheels and a box on top, no longer are they simply a vehicle wi ...

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What happens to a warranty when you sell the car the warranty is protecting

01/10/2013 17:00:00

For many people, the process of buying a car is a lot more exciting than driving the car itself. Looking round showrooms, surfing the web and checking out the famous new car smell all come with a sense of excitement and it’s not surpris ...

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