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October 2015 News

Driving with a black box for insurance purposes

30/10/2015 09:00:06

Black box car insurance is an innovative type of premium that charges you depending on how well you drive. You get rated by your speed and driving style which takes into account braking, steering and mileage. Depending on how well you driv ...

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10 top tips when stuck in a traffic jam

27/10/2015 09:08:39

Being stuck in traffic is possibly the most pointless waste of time ever. Follow these tips to make it slightly more bearable. 1. Avoid it Ok, ok, we know – a smarmy start. But you can limit the amount of traffic you ...

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History of the Ambulance

23/10/2015 09:14:59

If someone is having a medical emergency, we wouldn’t think twice about whipping out our phones and dialling 999. But we are lucky; the slick service we’re used to today hasn’t always been around. Today we take a look at the history of the ambulance ...

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Most expensive car crashes

20/10/2015 09:17:36

Embarrassing, scary…wallet busting! Take a look at five of the most expensive car crashes… Blackadder actor crashes his McLaren…twice! Renowned petrol head Rowan Atkinson has crashed his McLaren F1 ...

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Tyre pressure and warranties

16/10/2015 09:26:01

Incorrectly inflated tyres can affect the safety of your car, decrease fuel efficiency and even invalidate your car insurance. So, how long has it been since you’ve checked your tyre pressure? After reading this, you might want to head out ...

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The Most Famous Art Cars

13/10/2015 09:23:31

By definition an Art Car can be any motorised four-wheel vehicle that has been artistically enhanced. These cars can be found all around the globe, each fulfilling a different wild artistic vision. Art Cars can be seen as a creative expression of pass ...

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The Big 3 World's Most Valuable Car Manufacturers

12/10/2015 09:19:28

It’s fair to say automobiles play an integral role in our modern day lives. On a day-to-day basis many of us rely on them solely for personal transport. The majority of industries use them as work horses to transport goods. Y ...

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The creation of the airbag

06/10/2015 10:56:57

Creation of the Airbag Airbags have become staple in the advanced car safety arsenal. Once only available as a premium option, they now come stand ...

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History of the Land Rover Discovery

02/10/2015 11:42:20

Land Rover unveiled their new addition to the brand at the Frankfurt Motor Show of 1989. For the first time they branched away from their traditional pure off-roaders. The Discovery remained rugged and capable but offered increased space and comfor ...

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