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Car Care Tips News

How regular car maintenance can save you money

21/09/2018 10:37:43

Keeping a car on the road can be expensive. With insurance and road tax to consider, plus the price of fuel, the last thing you want is to be paying out for repairs. Especially as most are avoidable. Hereís why performing some regular car maintenance can save you money. Spot problems before they're serious Many issues that affec ...

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Five noises that require immediate attention

14/09/2018 10:01:55

Itís something we all dread. Driving along comfortably in the car when you hear a sudden change in noise from the engine. You would be forgiven for ignoring the sound and just pushing on regardless, hoping that itís nothing major. But there are some noises that you should not ignore. Here are five of the most important. Clunking sound ...

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Car maintenance and service checklists

11/09/2018 12:02:01

When you give your car a maintenance or take it in for a service, there are some essential things that have to be checked. Vital to the smooth and efficient operation of your car, you are only doing half a job if any of the items on our car maintenance and service checklist is missed out. Oil and coolant levels Two of the most common ...

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Reasons why car services so important

31/08/2018 12:31:32

Keeping the running costs of your car as low as possible is one of the main priorities for the majority of drivers. So it can be tempting to skip over some essential car maintenance. Getting your car serviced regularly is one of the first to be overlooked. But a car service is important to the health of your car. Here’s why. Get ahe ...

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DIY car maintenance tips

08/05/2018 16:02:40

Everyone loves to save money, and one of the best ways is to do a little DIY. But fixing up your spare bedroom is a lot less daunting prospect than having a go at repairing your car. It need not be that way. Itís simply a matter of following instructions and knowing what you can fix, and what you should leave to the professionals. Find an o ...

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Best child car seats

13/04/2018 09:36:03

This year sees the arrival of royal baby number three. You might be forgiven for thinking that Wills and Kate are experts now, knowing all that you need to know about bringing up the baby. But even the Royal Family could do with a bit of advice now and then. And with a newcomer set to join Prince George and Princess Charlotte, they will have more ...

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Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

03/04/2018 09:46:23

Now that winter has been and gone, the time has come to get ready for spring. The better, warmer weather means you will be using your heater less, and (hopefully) winding your windows down a lot more. So how can you get your car prepared for the new season? Hereís our checklist of things to do to get your motor ready. 1 Ė Have a clear out ...

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Five noises that require immediate attention link image

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