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8 apps to make driving easier

From planning your route to conserving your fuel to remembering your parking space, these handy apps will make your driving life a breeze.

The AA app: Free

If you are a member of the AA then you need to download this app, stat! It is the quickest way to report a breakdown, as it provides them with your exact location. Once logged, you can then track their progress to you so you are kept informed. Along with the handy breakdown feature, the app also includes a route planner and vehicle reminders for MOT, insurance, tax and even service dates.

DriveGain: Free

Want to conserve fuel and save some money? Download this budget friendly free app and learn how to drive with maximum fuel efficiency in mind. Set the app up and then whilst driving it will provide you with audio and visual feedback on the changes you should make to your driving style. For example, DriveGain suggests slowing down from 70mph to 60mph because you could improve fuel consumption by a whopping 10% at the minor cost of two minutes to your journey time. Whatís not to love?

iCarPark: 59p

If you often waste time wandering carparks in search of your car, iCarPark is the app for you. Simply press one button once youíve parked and the app will store your location for you. That way, when you are ready to return, you can easily navigate back following its directions. It can even handle levels and individual car parking spaces, so if youíre a multi-story fan, fear not.

TomTom: £50

OK, we know this one is a budget buster, but bear with us. This TomTom app offers the same route guidance available from its standalone devices, so when put like that, £50 doesn't sound so bad. It offers an intelligent interface with easy to follow directions. And if you're heading off on your holidays, you can get the European version too.

TaxiTaxi: Free

This one is for the times when you canít drive. Say, after a pint or two. This clever little app will utilise your phoneís GPS system and locate the nearest taxi firm. You can then use the details to ring them up, book a cab†and get home safely.

FuelLogPro: £1.69

If you donít believe the MPG reading on your cars computer, you need to get your hands on this app. FuelLogPro will track your fuel consumption and from that calculate the cost at that fuel economy over your chosen distance. So you can even make it project the costs for a yearís motoring. Handy!

GloveBox: 69p

Is your real glovebox a nightmare assortment of unidentifiable paperwork, de-icer and out of date toffees? Download this app and streamline your glove box. GloveBox will log all your important car data and then alerts you when something significant is coming up, such as your driving license expiring or an annual service. Time to get organised!

JamCam: Free

If you want to avoid traffic jams, JamCam is your man. With pictures provided from the Highways Agency and Transport for London, it provides an accurate live traffic camera feed for over 105 of the UKís busiest motorways and A roads. If you discover your route is jam packed, JamCam will help you find a suitable congestion free diversion. Bye bye traffic!

published: 23/01/2015 09:21:20

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