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Amazing Car World Records

Many people see the car as a useful commodity in life, ideal for taking the kids to school, visiting family on weekends or getting to and from work on a daily basis. However, modern cars also bring with them the opportunity for competition, setting high standards on the track and generally showing off. With today’s colossal engine sizes and high-tech dashboards, there’s little that can’t be achieved when it comes to breaking records on four wheels. Here are 5 of the craziest most incredible records set using our four-wheeled friends.

The world’s fastest car

Often the most exciting record, the accolade for the world’s fastest car is currently a toss-up between Bugatti’s Veyron 16.4 Sport and the SSC Ultimate Aero - although earlier this year specification changes led to a few questions. For now however, Bugatti do claim the record for the fastest convertible on the planet. Just recently, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was said to have reached a hair-raising 254 mph on a test track, although it is yet to be officiated by Guinness.

The world’s smallest roadworthy car

It may not be the most attractive and it’s not one to show off to your friends, but the smallest car that can be driven on the road passes all the necessary tests - including lights, brakes and wipers. Measuring just 41 inches high and 26 inches wide, the UK car is called ‘Wind Up’ and is made from an old Postman Pat amusement ride.

Longest distance travelled on one tank of fuel

In 2012, John and Helen Taylor, husband and wife, claimed the record for the furthest distance travelled without a re-fill, when they travelled from Texas to Virginia in a Volkswagen Passat. The record was set at 1626.1 miles. Together, the Taylors hold over 40 motoring records.

The longest wheelstand in a car

The ‘wheelie’ is a trick usually associated with a pushbike or a motorbike. However, in the summer of 2012, Canadian car enthusiast Mike Kunz set the record for a wheelie in a car at 763.4 metres (2500 feet.) If you were to climb that far, you may begin to get altitude sickness.

Heaviest car balanced on the head

Yes, you read that correctly. It may sound insane, but for the past 15 years strongman John Evans has held the Guinness World Record for the ‘heaviest car balanced on the head.’ He balanced a Mini weighing over 25 stone on his head for over half a minute.

Offbeat  24/01/2014 16:31:52

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