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Best cars for cool fathers

Father’s Day is here and we’ll all be paying our respects to the man who shaped our lives more than any other. But as you grow older, your dad stops being the superhuman superhero that we grew up idolising, instead of becoming less and less…cool. If you’re a dad, that might be a problem. So we’ve created a list of the best cars to cement your status as a cool dad.

Jaguar F-Pace

One of the difficult things being a cool dad is balancing practicality with style. The Jaguar F-Pace is their entry into the competitive crossover market. It makes an ideal family car but keeps that same level of prestige you associate with the famous leaping big cat on the bonnet.

BMW i8

Kids these days are more and more concerned with being eco-friendly. So what better way to impress your children and their friends than by driving the sexiest hybrid ever created? The BMW i8 has the precision engineering of the German car-maker, a futuristic twist on the outer body, and an engine that can compete with most normal engine cars.

Land Rover Discovery

Bigger is often better if you want to impress someone, especially little ones. So rocking up at the school gates with a Land Rover will really get your kids excited as they climb into their dad’s big beefy car. And for children on the smaller side, the already spacious Discovery will feel absolutely huge.

Classic Mini Cooper

Sometimes being cool is about not trying to be cool. So instead of a flashy, expensive prestige car, a quirky classic might be the best route to go down. And you can’t go wrong with a classic Mini. Not only is it a fantastic old car, but there are plenty around that you could buy and restore together with your kids. 

published: 12/06/2018 11:27:21

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