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Best cars for dog lovers

Let's face it, we're a nation of dog lovers. Whether you're into hand-bag sized Chihuahuas, perpetually super-happy Labradors or coo coo for Collies, nearly 10 million of us share our homes with a dog. For that reason, we've put together some recommendations for the best cars around to accommodate your canine, along with top features to look for in a dog-friendly car.

Let's start with the top 3 best cars for dogs:

Citroen C3 Picasso

Despite being a supermini, this Picasso is a little longer and also a lot roomier inside. It's high roofline makes it ideal for the bigger pooch, or can give your medium size dog all the leg room it could dream of. Two thirds of the rear bench can slide backwards or forwards giving you the ability to configure the space as is most convenient for your dog and can also be folded completely flat for safety. The C3's 385 litres of boot capacity speaks for itself and gives room to put a bed and/or one of those nifty non-spill dog bowls. This car is also quite low to the ground, which is ideal for older or smaller dogs that might get dizzy at the thought of a high jump. 

Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 was dreamt up for the outdoor enthusiast and their pets. This car has a dog barrier made to give you peace of mind whilst on the road. It has an optional divider that can be installed in the boot to keep your dog safe and your luggage stored neatly on the other side, or to keep your shopping not eaten on the way home from the supermarket. It's worth pointing out that the build quality of this Volvo is also excellent, so will ensure a very comfortable ride for both you and your pet.

Mazda 5

All wag your tails for the Mazda 5's sliding doors! Voted as the most practical feature on a car if you're transporting dogs, sliding doors leave a wide opening, making jumping in and out easy.  Again this is a feature that is particularly good if your dog is older, plus the doors can be locked in an open position. This way you never have to worry about a door swinging shut onto an unsuspecting paw and being followed up with a very expensive vet bill and a poorly pet. In the interior, the rear seats fold down flat and leave a pretty roomy 44 cubic ft of space for your dog- particularly handy for the bigger breeds. 

Whichever car you decided to purchase, here are a few extra car features you might want to look for in your dog-friendly vehicle...

•    Rear A/C vents: If you're hot during a car journey, your dog will be too. Let him in on the air conditioning action with a car that has rear air conditioning vents. 

•    Sunroof: The ideal way to provide maximum ventilation for your dog, without the worry of them jumping out. Added benefit for your dog? They'll love being able to sniff all the lovely outside smells. 

•    In-floor storage compartments: These are perfect for storing anything you want to keep with you in your car, without getting in the way of your dog and creating a possible safety hazard.

Happy dog-mobile shopping!

published: 22/09/2014 09:22:50

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