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Best Summer Driving Songs

There are few things better than cruising along in the summer with your windows down, radio blasting out some tunes that you sing along with at the top of your voice. Whether youíre young or old, sometimes you canít help but join in. There are some songs that you simply canít resist. Hereís our pick for the best summer driving songs.

Donít Stop Me Now Ė Queen

For many, the quintessential Queen song to sing along with is Bohemian Rhapsody, made famous by the iconic scene in Wayneís World. But for us, Donít Stop Me Now is a much better song to belt out on the road. For a start, the lyrics arenít quite so difficult to remember, and thereís no opera section to really test your tonsils.

Born To Be Wild Ė Steppenwolf

The anthem of the American biker, Born To Be Wild is one made for long journeys on motorways basking in the sun. While you may not be on the back of a Harley, the spirit and energy of the song is one we can all believe in.

Highway to Hell Ė AC/DC

Another classic rock anthem, this song is almost irresistible. While the younger passengers may not know the lyrics at first, by the time you come round to the last chorus, they will be belting out as loud as anyone else in the car!

We Found Love Ė Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna

Itís not just old rockers who love a good singalong. Where would a modern-day road trip be without a few EDM modern classics to belt along to? We Found Love by Calvin Harris and Rihanna is one of the best of the bunch. A great chorus that everyone knows the words to, followed by a breakdown that will have you all boogying in your seats.

Uptown Funk Ė Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

The perfect song for a bit of hand dancing, Uptown Funk has a great groove that you can pull some shapes to, along with some fun lyrics that donít require too much vocal range to belt out.

published: 03/07/2018 15:33:32

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