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Car warranty is a must have for anyone buying a used-car. New cars now come with a long warranty, almost as a standard. In the past, used car buyers were often missing out. But with the car market having grown so much in recent years, the competition for our attention between dealers means there are more deals than ever before. But is there a best time to buy a car warranty during the year?

When is the best time to buy?

It depends on whether you are going to the dealer or to a company like Go Car Warranty. Dealers will change their prices across the year, whether its during a sale or some other promotion. To make their wares more attractive, they may throw in a better deal on a car warranty to entice you to buy.

So there’s no good time then?

It all depends on the dealer and where you’re buying from. It’s a well known fact that you can get a good deal on a car before each plate change. But do the dealers factor that in and not give such a good deal on the extras at this time? With used cars, it might be better to take a look when the new number plate has been introduced, as the dealer may be more generous with the extras in a bid to draw your attention from the new car dealer.

You could go for a company like Go Car Warranty that have fixed prices throughout the year, with the variation being between the type of cover and package on sale. It might also be worth searching online to see if there are any promotions running.

You could even Google the car warranty name and ‘sale’ together, to see if there have been any sales in the past and if they follow a specific pattern.

published: 29/06/2018 11:55:02

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