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Botched repair leaves 561 pound bill

Botched repair leaves 561 pound  bill Image

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is vitally important to have thoroughly checked for any prior accident damage, particularly when purchasing from an independent dealer, as otherwise you might find yourself further out of pocket while having to foot the bill for problems that were not caused by you. 

Robert Haines from Cardiff knows this feeling only too well, having purchased a 2009 Audi A3 Sportback in Gwent in the April of 2010 from dealer Motorpoint Newport.  When he found that the carpet underneath the foot-well mat was wet through, he was not initially overly concerned given that the vehicle still had a lot of time left on its Car Warranty.  Unfortunately when he took the car to his local Auto dealer the situation turned out to be not simple as he thought. 

Ultimately Haines had to take the vehicle in no less than five times before the problem was diagnosed by the main dealer: water had been leaking in from the back from damage that had been caused by an accident and then poorly repaired.  Although the first four attempts at repair were done under the car warranty, the fifth was not - meaning that Haines ended up having to pay out £561 for the final repair. 

Audi directed him to Motorpoint, since the fault had been their responsibility, but they were not interested since he had then owned the car for two years.  Audi later agreed to cover the cost after Haines complained to Auto Express.

published: 05/04/2012 11:00:01

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