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Car Insurers Make Winter Tyres Pledge

Car Insurers Make Winter Tyres Pledge Image

Members of the ABI (the Association of British Insurers), who make up around 90% of all car insurance companies that operate in the whole of the United Kingdom, have made a pledge that they will not be raising the cost of car insurance for drivers who do the right thing and fit their vehicles with winter tyres for safety reasons. 

The members of the ABI have signed a commitment that states that drivers will not be imposed with any extra charges for having properly and safely fitted winter tyres attached to their vehicles.  In the past, the fitting of the important seasonal tyres has sometimes resulted in higher premiums for the drivers of both used and new vehicles, even those who have already paid out extra money for extended auto warranties.  It is considered to be important for all drivers to check their insurance policies to ensure they will not be affected, however.

The Director of General Insurance for the Association of British Insurers, Nick Starling, claims that the cold weather in last year's winter season created a lot of uncertainty among a large number of customers of insurance companies as to whether or not they would be faced with higher charges for having taken the precaution of fitting winter tyres to their vehicles.  "Insurers do not want to penalise motorists who take steps, like fitting winter tyres, to improve their safety on dangerous winter roads" Starling says.

Insurance  06/12/2011 11:00:01

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