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Car Warranty Can Ensure Reliability

Which? Car magazine have recently undertaken the UK’s largest car reliability survey to find out the difference in consistency and dependency between cars on the market today. Having looked at over 26,000 different vehicles, their rigorous research has shown that car buyers around the world should pin point their search down to smaller vehicles due to their impressive reliability levels in comparison to larger models.

The results were determined by the answers to questions which encompassed all aspects of the motoring industry that would benefit the average driver, categories included breakdowns, faults and general niggles.

The overall conclusion was that smaller cars, especially those manufactured by Japanese companies have proven to be the most reliable, whereas larger vehicles such as the Land rover discovery3 are generally unreliable.

The 10 most reliable vehicles looked at in the survey are displayed below (the higher the percentage, the more reliable the car is)

1 - Kia Picanto - 98.1%
2 - Mazda3 - 97.6%
3 - Daihatsu Sirion - 97.0%
3 - Honda Insight - 97.0%
5 - Honda Jazz - 96.2%
6 - Toyota iQ - 96.1%
7 - Toyota Prius - 95.4%
8 - Volkswagen Golf Plus - 93.3%
9 - Mercedes-Benz SLK - 93.3%
10 - Mazda2 - 93.2%

The 10 most unreliable vehicles are displayed below

137 - Volvo S80 - 77.6%
137 - Ford S-Max - 77.6%
139 - Citroen C4 Grand Picasso - 77.4%
140 - Ford Focus CC - 77.2%
141 - Jaguar S-type - 76.0%
142 - Volkswagen Eos - 75.7%
143 - Land Rover Range Rover Sport - 75.8%
144 - Renault Mégane CC - 75.7%
145 - Hyundai Santa Fe - 75.0%
146 - BMW 3 Series convertible - 73.9%
147 - Land Rover Discovery 3 - 67.8%

These results are useful for car buyers as they can get an idea as to what vehicles will be reliable and avoid expensive repair bills. Due to the lack of disposable income amongst the majority of UK consumer’s people are more cautious about making new car purchases. Reliability is considered a key factor as few people can afford to purchase a new car and then have to pay for repair bills when it goes wrong.

New cars will come with a warranty package but these manufacturer’s warranty packages can have limitations which may lead to a consumer wanting to purchase an extended warranty package. This can then cover the consumer for any parts of the vehicle which are not covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re looking into purchasing a vehicle but you are rethinking your options due to your desired vehicles unreliability rating then Car Warranty could be perfect for you. For a small fee companies such as Go Car Warranty can protect your vehicle from unexpected defaults on your vehicle. By purchasing a warranty package you can obtain road side assistance, new parts and professional repairs all as part of the package. This is a great way to ensure peace of mind while driving the car you want to have, not a car based on reliability scores.

published: 02/09/2010 12:59:50

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