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Car Warranty Sales Increasing

Since September 2010, sales of Car Warranty packages from warranty specialists such as Go Car Warranty have risen by a fifth. It seems that UK consumers are still buying used cars instead of new cars to save money and purchasing warranty packages to protect their new investments.

These findings are backed up by vehicle experts Glasses Guide who predict that franchised dealerships across the UK will change their primary focus to stocking older vehicles onto the forecourts, whilst reducing levels of newer cars.

Since the depth of the recession car sales have picked up considerably and this is strongly related to the increased level of confidence amongst car buyers with stronger financial prospects to justify a vehicle purchase.

The issue remains that only the minority of consumers can afford a new vehicle, many consumers have no choice but to purchase a used vehicle, which generally costs less but has a higher risk of problems. This is why more and more car owners are warming to the idea of protecting their vehicle with a car warranty package.

By going to a warranty specialist such as Go Car Warranty you can choose different levels of cover. Go Car Warranty have two different levels of cover available to suit your vehicles. The affordable prices start from only 99 per year and offer peace of mind to car owners.

published: 02/11/2010 16:19:09

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