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Cheap Car Insurance is Possible

Cheap Car Insurance is Possible Image

With a wider choice and better extended warranty plans all the rage these days, there is even more good news for motorists following claims that finding cheap car insurance is not as difficult as many believe it to be.  A survey carried out of people who have bought motor insurance via the car insurance comparison website Tiger has shown that more than 60% of all of those surveyed were able to save at least £100 - and in some cases even more than that - against their existing price for insurance renewal. 

In a time where prices for car insurance have frequently shown inflation running at more than 30%, the fact that cheap car insurance is still available should come as welcome relief for motorists all over the United Kingdom.  The breakdowns of the savings made by those surveyed, which were achieved against their renewal prices, demonstrated that the great majority had been able to save as much as £50 or more by using the site to compare different car insurance quotes.  This shows that savings are possible, providing shoppers are willing to do the research beforehand.

The survey, which was carried out during August and this month, questioned shoppers as to how much they had been able to save by buying through the site as a part of an initiative to gain more feedback from the site's users. 

Prices for motor insurance are believed to have remained reasonably static in August as compared to those in July.

Motor Warranty  26/09/2011 11:00:02

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