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Children 'put at risk' by parent drivers

Children 'put at risk' by parent drivers Image

Parents are putting young children at risk of serious or fatal injury due to a lack of knowledge about car seats, a report by Which? claims.

The belief that seats should be chosen based on a child's age was found to be a common misconception among parents, with over a quarter of mums and dads with toddlers wrongly thinking this.

Instead, weight and height are the key factors that should be considered when picking a seat for a child.

Half of parents also believe that their child is ready to progress to a forward-facing seat at nine months of age, when in fact the decision should again be based on its weight.

Meanwhile, a further half of those questioned did not know the most appropriate model of seat for their vehicle, while half of all seats were improperly fitted.

More than 5,000 children under 12 required medical aid and 214 were killed or seriously injured in road accidents in 2011 - a toll that Which? is trying to significantly cut through an ongoing child safety campaign.

published: 26/04/2013 14:00:00

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