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Choosing a Car Warranty you can Afford

Choosing a Car Warranty you can Afford Image

Once you have determined that having a Car Warranty is in your best interests, the next step is to find the ideal balance between the benefits and the cost.  Many consumers have to budget each expense carefully, and paying for a car warranty plan is no exception.  If you need to stay within a budget but still want the best warranty coverage possible, you will need to look around.

Always start with the plans offered by the dealer where you bought the car.  If nothing else, going through the plans will allow you to establish a standard to judge all other options.  Look closely at each plan, the benefits provided, and how well the cost for each one fits into the finances, and remember the best dealer option for future reference.

Move on to investigating warranty plans offered by other providers.  What you hope to find is a plan that provides at least the scope of benefits offered by the top choice of the dealer options, but at a lower price.  In some cases, you may find that the dealer plans are very competitive and do actually represent the best choice.  At other times, you may find another plan with a reputable provider that provides the cover needed, but at a price that works well with your budget.

Do not make assumptions about what type of balance you can achieve between benefits and cost.  Know what you can reasonably afford as well as what you want in a car warranty and then try to find a plan that provides both.  With a little time and effort, you will find a plan that you can afford, and enjoy most, if not all, of the benefits you want.  

Michael Barclay.

published: 30/06/2011 14:00:00

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