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Choosing a New Motor Warranty

Choosing a New Motor Warranty Image

As more people opt to keep their cars for longer, it is not unusual that consumers are extending the life of their cars by purchasing a new engine.  This in turn often means taking the time to evaluate the new Motor Warranty that comes with that new engine.  In some cases, the customer may be offered a basic, as well as an extended, warranty for the motor.  Before making a decision, it is important to compare the two and determine which one is in your best interests.

The easiest way to go about settling on a new motor warranty is to compare all your options point by point.  Identify each benefit available with the coverage, noting which ones are common to both the basic and the extended cover.  From there, identify the benefits that are unique to the extended plan.  Consider each of these carefully, and decide if you really think there is a need for them.  Only after you understand exactly what is included in each warranty option, and how much those options are worth to you is it possible to determine which warranty to go with.

Keep in mind that if there is very little difference between the cost of the motor warranty options, it never hurts to go with the extended plan.  Doing so will protect you in the event that something does malfunction with the engine due to normal wear and tear during the life of the cover.  If the extended plan is significantly more costly than the basic, it might be worth opting for the cheaper plan and putting a little money aside each month as a means of managing any costs not covered under the terms of the basic motor warranty.

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 25/02/2011 11:00:01

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