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Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Itís the time of year where we rack our brains trying to work out what to get friends and family for Christmas. For petrol heads, it should be simple. They love cars. But finding a gift that isnít just the latest Jeremy Clarkson DVD can be difficult. Here are our tips for a gift that will have the petrol head you know smiling from ear to ear.

Car cleaning kit

You probably know a person who makes you wipe your feet before getting in their car. Whose eyes widen when you take out something to eat or drink in your car. For them, their car is their pride and joy. So what better gift than one of the many car cleaning sets you can find on the market. Ranging from simple polishes to complete car valeting kits, youíll find something for that perfectionist to use on their car.

Personalised number plate

An often overlooked gift is the personalised number plate. There are so many websites online where you can find a wide variety of different names, initials and numbers to choose from. So whether itís a nickname, initials or even the name of their beloved car, it will be a surprising, thoughtful gift.

Remote control car

Technology has changed dramatically over the last decade or so, and this extends to remote control cars! Whether itís a traditional remote control or using your smartphone to guide them, todayís RCVs are fun for little kids and big kids alike. And with popular models including Ferraris available, itís as close as you might get to the real thing.

Experience day

The perfect Christmas gift is something that will leave a lasting memory long beyond the festive season. So what better than an experience day? There are so many different ones to choose from, allowing you to find the day that matches who your buying for. From driving a supercar around a race track, to taking part in an off-road driving course. You can even drive a tank!

published: 05/12/2017 08:51:39

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