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Cobra UK launches speed limiter benefit awareness campaign

Cobra UK launches speed limiter benefit awareness campaign Image

Cobra UK, a leader in terms of both security solutions and vehicle safety, has used this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show to launch a new campaign that highlights the benefits of speed limiters, with a special offer on their own product. 

The security and safety provider has launched its campaign in an attempt to assist fleet managers to improve road safety, help them to meet their Duty of Care obligations and cut down on running costs.  Cobra UK is offering their speed limiter at just £249, with fitting included in the price, which will save customers a minimum of about £50.  Increasing fuel costs are becoming an ever bigger issue, and the speed limiters from Cobra provide operators with another tool with which they can restrict the speed of a driver, especially when driving on the motorway, and as a result cut down on fuel use and costs.

Protecting a driver who is using a company vehicle on business is vitally important to the Duty of Care and Health and Safety strategy of any modern day company, and a speed limiter is an excellent method with which to reduce the speed at which a driver is travelling and thus cut down on their likelihood of becoming involved in an accident. 

The speed limiter is Euro 4 and 5 compatible for both diesel and petrol vehicles and also comes with a two-year Car Warranty for parts and Plug and Play installation. 

Author – Michael Barclay

published: 25/04/2012 11:00:01

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