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Decorate your car for Christmas

It’s the time of year to get in that festive feeling. And with lots of visits to the shops and relatives, you’ll be spending a good amount of the Christmas period in your car. So why not give your car a little extra Christmas cheer and give it a festive makeover? Here are our tips for decorating your car this Christmas, but first…

Sort out the Christmas tunes

The one thing you need to get your car in the festive spirit is a compilation of the Christmas classics. We’re talking Slade, Wizzard, Mariah – all the greats that you’ll want to sing along with at the top of your voice. But don’t just pluck for one CD. Hearing the same songs again and again can get tedious. Choose a few different compilations with a variety of songs to keep your sanity.

The classic pine tree air freshener

We’ve all seen these – the pine-scented tree-shaped air fresheners that hang from the rear-view mirror. So why not give this a festive makeover? Glue a bit of glitter or tinsel to the tree, or go one better and buy one of the many Christmas themed air fresheners for your car. Just make sure to take it down with the rest of your decorations.

Novelty reindeer antlers

It’s not just Santa that benefits from reindeer power. You can harness their Lapland magic for your four-wheeled sleigh, by sticking some antlers onto your car.

A wreath for your bumper

A festive wreath is one of the classic Christmas traditions. So why not have one on your car? Tie one to your front bumper and everyone will know you’re filled with Christmas cheer!

Gift wrap your car interior

Giving a lot of people a lift this Christmas? Have someone whose car is their pride and joy? Then share your festive enthusiasm with them by wrapping their car interior with Christmas wrapping paper? Whether it’s a surprise or a prank, just make sure that they unwrap your festive fun before they start driving!

published: 15/12/2017 08:27:13

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