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DIY car maintenance tips

Everyone loves to save money, and one of the best ways is to do a little DIY. But fixing up your spare bedroom is a lot less daunting prospect than having a go at repairing your car. It need not be that way. Itís simply a matter of following instructions and knowing what you can fix, and what you should leave to the professionals.

Find an online tutorial

When it comes to carrying out some DIY, itís good to have something to follow. Thankfully, there are literally thousands of online tutorials and videos for you to follow. Videos especially are a great way to see how a specific repair job or cosmetic change should be done. But be careful to check the source of the advice and make sure itís reputable. Here are some of the simple repairs you can do:

Changing the oil

One of the simplest DIY car maintenance jobs you can do is to change the oil. However, it is one of the most awkward to get to. The oil pan is located at the bottom of the car, so you will need some way to safely jack up the wheels. Then itís simply a matter of unscrewing the drain plug and waiting for it to pour out.

Air filter change

The air filter of your car can get clogged with dust and dirt. This will make your engine less efficient and cost you a little more on fuel. Itís straightforward to clean, it just needs to be unscrewed and then given a thorough clear out.


When you top up your water level in the car across the year, you might forget that you need to keep the anti-freeze level high. This can catch you out when the weather turns cold and your car can become frozen solid. Every now and then when you add water to your car, add a little anti-freeze too.

Tyre pressure

You can check your tyre pressure yourself with relative ease. The correct pressure should be listed in your carís manual. Then itís simply a matter of going to a petrol station and topping up using the pumps they provide. This will save you money and also increase your carís safety.

published: 08/05/2018 16:02:40

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