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Drivers cannot identify basic tools

Drivers cannot identify basic tools Image

More than nine in ten motorists cannot even recognise common car tools, never mind use them, according to new research.

A survey by Britannia Rescue has revealed that many drivers cannot recognise a car jack, tyre pump, wrench, car battery or jumper cables when shown images of them.

In addition, a large number of motorists do not possess the tools required to rectify basic mechanical breakdown issues such as a flat tyre or a rundown battery. Almost two in three (62%) drivers questioned admitted to not owning a tyre pump or battery charger.

More people than ever are relying on their breakdown recovery service or local garage to perform simple maintenance tasks. The managing director at Britannia Rescue, Peter Horton, said: "Looking after your car will determine the length of time that it remains in good condition and will stop you having to pay expensive repair costs."

The study also found that almost three quarters of drivers (74%) struggled to recognise a wrench and more than three in ten (31%) could not identify a car jack.

published: 01/10/2012 17:00:01

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