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Drivers jump 87 red lights in a lifetime

Drivers jump 87 red lights in a lifetime Image

The average British motorist will jump 87 red lights during their lifetime, and in a list of other misdemeanours revealed in a new study, drivers will also swear 323 times at other motorists, make 1992 phone calls and check their smartphones for emails or texts over 1,000 times.

A study commissioned by skobbler, the developers of the UK's leading iPhone sat nav app GPS Navigation 2, looked at 2,000 drivers' habits and while some of the findings showed the number of things we do wrong, others show why we sometimes get frustrated.

On average we drive 269,296 miles in our lifetime, and get stuck in traffic nearly 10,000 times, leading to having to spend 99 days waiting in gridlocked traffic. Other tests on our patience include the two flat tyres and two mechanical breakdowns we will suffer, the 371 times we will get lost, as well as the total of 51 speeding tickets and 62 parking tickets we will incur.

Not surprisingly, as a result of this, we will let out our frustrations and toot our horns at cyclists 62 times.

When assessing the findings, co-founder of skobbler Marcus Thielking said there was no excuse for behaviour such as jumping red lights, tailgating or cutting up other cars. However, he acknowledged that being a motorist involves many different behavioural traits, and while we all try to be sensible, it seems we are all guilty of a few misdemeanours.

Some statistical findings from our more normal driving routines show that we fill up with petrol 2,214 times, we spend 384 days listening to the radio and 337 days playing our own music. That means on average we will sing in our cars 4,104 times.

Insurance  18/01/2013 14:00:00

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