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Earmarks of a Quality Auto Warranty Plan

Earmarks of a Quality Auto Warranty Plan Image

Not all consumers think that much about the auto warranty when buying a new or used vehicle.  The general approach is to quickly browse over whatever the dealer has to offer, make a selection, and not give the matter a second thought until something arises and there is a need to consult the warranty terms.  The fact is that not all auto warranty plans are created equal, meaning you as the consumer need to know what type of benefits are found in a truly worthwhile warranty.

Always look to see the specific types of benefit provided by the auto warranty plan.  You need to know if the plan covers all the components found in the engine or air conditioning system, or only certain parts.  Beware of ambiguous verbiage in a warranty contract that leaves some room for doubt on exactly what is and is not covered.  Focus attention on warranties with terms that are very clear and easy to understand.

Also consider not only the type but the amount of cover provided for certain events.  Simply put, you want to know how much, if any, out-of-pocket expense you will incur.  Again, a quality auto warranty will provide data that makes it perfectly clear if an event is covered 100% or if you will be required to pay a percentage as part of the deal.

The goal is to choose an auto warranty plan that is clear on what the consumer does and does not receive as the result of obtaining the cover.  Work with reputable dealers only, and avoid any situation in which issues surrounding the covered events are vague or ambiguous.  Doing so could save a lot of time, frustration and money later on.      

published: 20/09/2011 14:00:00

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