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Evaluating Motor Warranties

Evaluating Motor Warranties Image

Motor Warranties are not all created equal.  Unfortunately, not all consumers understand this point.  If you are planning on purchasing some sort of extended warranty plan, it is very important that you have a firm grasp of what is and is not included within the terms and conditions of the warranty.  Here are a couple of things to look for before you sign.

First, motor warranties vary in exactly what type of components are replaced at no cost and which of those parts may be replaced at a reduced cost.  Along with the limitation on parts, it may also be necessary to have the work carried out by an authorised repair centre.  Ideally, you want to focus on extended motor warranties that offer the best coverage for replacing parts that have only undergone typical usage, and you donŽt want to have to drive or have the vehicle towed for miles just to make use of the warranty.  Go for one that allows you to use a garage that is convenient for you.

Another point to consider with motor warranties is what type of effort you must make in order to claim the protections afforded by those warranties.  If it is simply a matter of presenting the warranty to the centre making the repairs and signing a couple of forms, then you are in business.  Should the effort require submitting tons of paperwork and then waiting for a decision as to whether the warranty will cover a certain repair, save time and money and turn your attention to a different warranty plan.  In the long run, youŽll be much happier.

Author - Michael Barclay


published: 10/01/2011 11:00:02

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