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Helping a Friend Find the Right Car Warranty

Helping a Friend Find the Right Car Warranty Image

From time to time, you may be called upon to help a friend compare and finally purchase a Car Warranty that is right for his or her situation.  This sometimes comes about when the friend purchases a car from a dealer who does not offer warranty plans or when the car is purchased from a private owner.  In either scenario, you can do your friend a service by helping to locate and qualify different car warranty plans that fit the needs and the budget of your acquaintance.

A good place to begin the search for car warranty options is online.  Today, there are a number of warranty providers who operate online portals that make it easy to submit an application, check the qualifications for obtaining a warranty, and even get an idea of the scope of coverage provided by different plans.  Taking the time to identify some of those sources for warranties and comparing their offerings will help narrow the list of possible providers as well as help your friend get some idea of what type of benefits can be obtained for the make and model of the vehicle involved.

You can also use this as an occasion to help your friend learn how to do some background investigations into different car warranty providers.  This includes pointing out how to use forums and consumer watchdog sites to learn more about each provider, including valuable data regarding the quality of customer service, how difficult it is to claim benefits, and in general if a given provider has a reputation for honesty and integrity.  Along the way, both you and your friend may learn information that not only aids in identifying the right warranty plan for your friend, but helps you the next time you need to seek out warranty coverage.     

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  08/06/2011 14:00:01

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