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History of the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang requires little introduction. The Mustang ferociously rose to iconic car status, immortalised itself in American culture and captivated car enthusiasts worldwide. Follow the Mustang’s rapid evolution through all six generations as detailed below:

A Smash Hit – 1st Generation (1964-1973)

The original Mustang is one of the most widely appreciated classics of our time. Cosmetically distractive with its long bonnet, blunt front nose with grill, subtle side scoops and cut off rear. This highly invoking car commanded a strong presence in all three forms, convertible, notchback and fastback.

First day on sale (17th April 1964) – 22,000 sold

12 months on the market – 417,000 sold

By March 1966 – 1,000,000 sold

Steve McQueen added more fuel to the fire by showcasing the 1968 GT390 Fastback Mustang in the film Bullitt.

Signature models appeared for the first time, including the Mach 1, Cobra Jet, Shelby GT350 and GT500.

The Let Down - 2nd Generation (1974-1978)

After their raging success with the original, Ford made a big mistake. Their new model was not warmly accepted.

Overall body dimensions were reduced and cosmetically the car lost its original charm. The Mustang was put on a strict diet and shed nearly 500lbs, as a result it appeared starved.

To make matters worse, their convertible model was replaced with a T-bar. Then finally the Mustang lost its roar, there was no option for a V8 engine this time.

A Step in the Right Direction - 3rd Generation (1979-1983)

After the severe injustice with their previous generation, significant changes were made to try and rekindle drivers’ passion.

Their “Fox” platform was borrowed from the Ford Fairmount, allowing the Mustang to swell up in size. Cosmetically their boxier design was definitely an improvement, but still not as enchanting as the original.

Minor revisions and different engine options were offered throughout the years. This included a turbocharged 4-clinder engine and finally another mighty V8 with 285BHP. Shelby took 3rd Gen performance to the next level producing revamped SVT Cobra models.

Making Progress - 4th Generation (1994-2004)

Ford became more careful with their Mustang’s development, they focused on making steady improvements with their next generation. As they updated the platform to “Fox 4” they focused primarily on increasing chassis stiffness and handling ability.

Cosmetically the 4th Gen felt quite familiar from the last, although with some more smoothing around the edges. Instead, Ford offered a number of wild colour options including deep metallic gold!

Under the hood the Mustang was given gifted with a 4.6L V8 engine. GT and SVT Cobra models offered increased power reaching over 300BHP! The SVT Cobra models were also blessed with further improved handling with fully independent rear suspension.

We’re Back Baby - 5th Gen 2005-2014

Finally, another grand slam for Ford. The brand new body style paid great tribute to the original, Mustang fans fully approved. The Mustang is back on the same old track, this time with handling enhancements and mod cons.

The base model offered a respectable 210BHP V6 engine. GT models featured V8 engines with 300BHP and rising up. To speed freaks delight, the GT500 made dramatic reappearance with a monstrous 500BHP!

A full glass roof option is brought out in 2009, causing the T-Bar to roll in it’s grave. Then for 2010 the styling is carefully refined, bringing it even closer to the much-loved original.

They Nailed it - 6th Generation (2015)

Now we have reached 2015 and the Mustang is still firing on all 8 cylinders strong. In fact, this generation is the best Mustang ever! The exterior has been masterfully refined, modernised and yet still pays homage to the original. Luxury, handling, power and styling have all been pushed up to the next level.

The base model is incredibly powerful already with a 300BHP V6 engine. The GT models produce an incredible 435BHP from their beasty V8s. Then there is the GT350, with earth shaking 526BHP!

The interior appears to be inspired from a fighter cockpit, whilst luxury is on par with many German manufacturers. Packed with the latest high tech features including push button start, touch screen, voice controls and advanced parking sensor systems.

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