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Honda recall amid fire fear

Honda recall amid fire fear Image

Fears over the safety of an electrical door switch has prompted a recall of hundreds of thousands of Honda cars.

There are concerns that the problem with the driver's door could melt the switch, and cause it to set fire, on a total of 268,000 vehicles.

CR-V vehicles built in the four years from 2002 have caused four fires so far, although no-one has been injured and no cars have crashed or suffered any major mechanical breakdown in the UK, according to the Japanese motor giant. The only case so far in Britain led to one owner complaining of a burning smell.

The switch could be overheating due to a fault in the seal, causing liquids to get inside and cause potential overheating. Honda said that issues can only arise owing to spillages directly onto the switch, or if a lot of rain gets into the vehicle through the window at the driver's side.

Affected owners will be contacted by the company next month to arrange for remedial work, including a cover being fitted inside the switch, free of charge, at their local dealer.

published: 08/10/2012 17:00:01

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