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How a car warranty can save you money

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There is no denying that buying a used car can be something of a chore. Depending on whether you buy privately or through a dealership, you may have to deal with paperwork regarding registration, paperwork regarding insurance and paperwork regarding financing – in fact there’s often so much paperwork to think about that you forget to be happy that you’ve got a new car at all.

Having said that though, it’s important to remember to sort out a used Car Warranty for your new vehicle.

What is a used car warranty?

When you buy a brand new car, you’ll receive a warranty from the manufacturer giving you peace of mind that certain things will be fixed if they go wrong. And, with new cars, a warranty is often included for free due to the fact that things are unlikely to go wrong.

However, with a used car, the warranty isn’t included. What’s more, you know little of the car’s previous owners – there is of course a record of the work done on the vehicle, but the manner in which the car was driven by any of its previous owners remains a mystery to you.

So how can a warranty save me money?

Nobody wants anything to go wrong with their car – it’s hassle and it’sexpensive. And while it might appear cheaper to not get a warranty, in the long run that could well be a decision that you live to regret: everyone knows that mechanics charge significant sums for car repairs – and without a car warranty, you’ll be footing the entire bill yourself.

A used car warranty not only provides you with peace of mind when you’re driving a vehicle whose history you know very little of, but it also means that if certain things go wrong, you’ll be covered: and that makes it a very sound investment.

Be careful in the showroom

Whether it’s a private seller or the dealership salesman, the person selling you a used car isn’t going to point out a vehicle’s bad points. So when you’re checking out any vehicle, keep your wits about you. Have a look around the bodywork – dents and scratches could well be signs of careless previous owners. Have a look under the bonnet – and do a bit of research online to familiarise yourself with how under the bonnet should look. If possible, take someone with you who is more knowledgable about these things.

Buying a used car is a big investment, not just financially but because you’re putting your trust in something you know relatively little about. A used car warranty provides the extra cushion of comfort that can prove very valuable.

Different used Car Warranties offer different protection, so be sure to do your research and think hard about what it is. That said, don’t think for a second that by not getting a warranty you’ll be saving money: you’ll be taking a sizeable gamble.

Car Warranty  07/01/2014 14:34:43

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