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How to pack the perfect road trip kit

Summer is the best time of year to get out in your car. Long days, great weather, it really is when you can make the most of everything that the UK has to offer. But before you head out, you will need to make sure you have packed the perfect road trip kit. Hereís what you need in your pack.


Road trips can be long and hot, especially with summer holiday traffic jams. You might not have the time or a place to stop and grab a drink. Make sure you bring plenty of drinks with you. Plus, a few big bottles of water can help top up your radiator if your car overheats.

Drinks Cooler

Thereís no point taking drinks with you on a hot day if they are going to be too warm to drink. So invest in a drinks cooler that can keep your beverages at a nice refreshing temperature.

Phone charging device

When out on the road, chances are you might be using your phone to act as a GPS or even have it connected to your car radio to blast out your favourite tunes. But if your phone battery dies, it can leave you lost or stranded Ė especially if you need to call for breakdown recovery. Having a portable charger for your phone can be a lifesaver.


Whatís this? A map thatís on paper? It may seem a little outdated but a map never runs out of battery, and can be a great backup should you end up with no phone or no signal.


It may be that the temperature drops over the course of the day (it is the UK after all). Or you might be out late enjoying the evening and the stars. So a blanket can be a great addition to your road trip kit.

First Aid Kit

It may seem a little old-fashioned to have a first aid kit, but having one with you can be useful in emergencies. Blisters on your feet? A plaster can help. Bitten by mosquitoes? Pack some bite cream. Itís better to have one and not need it, then to have one and be without it.

published: 10/07/2018 10:05:59

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