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How to stay safe on the road this festive season

Christmas means a lot of time spent on the road. Whether itís going out to town to do some Christmas shopping or paying a visit to relatives, you are likely to be on the move much more often. And you arenít the only one. Busier roads, especially with all the stress that comes with Christmas, mean more danger. Combine that with the often adverse winter weather conditions, and it can be a difficult time to hit the road.

Check your lights

Make sure all your lights are working as they should be. Replacing dim bulbs will make your car easier to see in the cold winter nights, as well as being better at illuminating the way ahead.

Get your tyres checked

Itís easy to see when your lights arenít working, but tyres are a little more difficult. Seeing the whole tyre and checking the tread is something you shouldnít take lightly. Have a word with your regular mechanic or see if any local garages have a winter tyre check promotion. Having the right grip on your tyres will let you brake in plenty of time. Your tracking (wheel alignment) is also important on icy roads, so you can be sure that when you turn the wheel, the car responds as it should.

Be careful during Christmas party season

We say ĎMerry Christmasí for a reason. Supermarkets everywhere have heavy drink promotions and Christmas parties will be happening all across the country. The temptation to drink and drive is never greater than in the festive period. So if you are out later than usual, be on the lookout for other drivers whose reaction and behaviour might be erratic. And of course, never drink and drive.

Plan your journeys

If you are heading on a long road trip shopping or to visit a relative, check the roads in advance. Whether itís the latest traffic report or a look at the weather, you donít want to get caught in a traffic jam or a snowdrift.

Take your time

Our final tip is to take your time this Christmas. Rushing around to make sure you get everything done will just add more stress and more danger to your driving. Donít be like the others on the road. Give yourself the time you need to do everything that needs to be done.

published: 19/12/2017 08:46:47

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