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Interesting cars from around the world

While most people like to observe the shops, places and people when they travel to a new foreign country, many of us like to take note of the different cars that for whatever reason, we don’t see on the roads of the UK.

While of course one of the most interesting differences is the Vauxhall/Opel divide which has been much discussed on numerous occasions, there are many other examples which frankly are more exciting to look at.

So, if you set off on an around the world trip, which are the most exciting cars that you’d see?

Australian Ute

There is no vehicle more synonymous with the land of Oz then the Ute. From Neighbours to Home and Away, the utility vehicle – to give it its full name – is a passenger vehicle with a cargo tray. The Aussies love them, as do New Zealanders to a lesser extent, but for some reason they’ve never reached the same levels of popularity around the globe. Having said that, South Africa also like  Ute, or a ‘Bakkie’ as it is known there, but Australia goes one step further and actually has an industry committed to personalising Utes with bull bars, spotlights and oversized mudflaps.

Russian Lada

Think Russia, think Lada. The company’s cars reached high popularity in the Soviet era when they were associated with city life, and able to cope with the contrasting Russian weather – glorious heat in the summer, deep snow and sub zero temperatures in the winter. Lada actually began exporting to the UK in 1974, but – as you may have noticed – they’ve not reached the same levels of popularity here.

East German Trabant

Granted, East Germany no longer exists, but the Trabi can still be seen (mostly in museums, mind) and is the symbol of the much-mocked East German automobile industry. If you’re in the east of Germany, keep your eyes open for one.

American Chevrolet

No country’s cars are as big, powerful or as symbolic of one country than the USA’s Chevrolet with its many models – it is a true American brand. While Chevrolet is now a global brand and you can see more modest-looking cars in the UK and elsewhere, keep your eyes open for an older Chevrolet in the US – that said, with a vast bonnet and a car the length of Wales, you won’t have to look too hard.

Hindustan Ambassador

Head to India and it won’t be too long before you set eyes on a Hindustan Ambassador. Based on the Morris Minor, the Ambassador has been produced since 1958 and is relied upon all over the country. The car has evolved through different models over the years, though the iconic shape of the vehicle remains the same. And, judging by the amount on the roads in the former Commonwealth country, the Indians love it.

If you were going on a round the world trip, which car would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

published: 26/03/2014 15:24:16

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