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Maintenance as Part of Your Auto Warranty Cover

Maintenance as Part of Your Auto Warranty Cover Image

With many types of auto warranty coverage, there is the responsibility of the owner to make reasonable efforts to keep the car serviced and maintained properly.  Taking the time to do so is advantageous for all parties concerned.  Owners are less likely to experience breakdowns that lead to costly repairs, and the issuers of the warranty plans are less likely to reject claims due to a component failing after neglect on the part of the car owner.  

When you purchase an auto warranty, it is important to look closely at the provisions within the contract that have to do with your responsibilities regarding maintenance of the vehicle.  Many will include the option of receiving maintenance from authorised repair shops at reduced rates and may even include some type of free maintenance as part of the amenities of the plan.  In the long run, regular maintenance is in the best interests of the warranty issuer, since little issues that would become major problems are often identified during that routine maintenance, making the cost of repairs much less expensive.

Keep in mind that choosing to put off maintenance or to use a shop that is not approved by the issuer could mean invalidating sections of the warranty.  This means that if a major issue with the engine should arise and it comes to light that some parts were replaced by an unauthorised shop with unauthorised brands of components, you may have to shoulder all the cost of that major repair on your own, with no support from the auto warranty.  Know what must be done to get the most from your plan, and comply with those terms.  All it takes is one major breakdown to make that effort well worth your time and money.   

Author - Michael Barclay

Vehicle Warranty  18/05/2011 14:00:00

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