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Most bizarre car insurance claims

Getting your car insured seems to get pricier every year. What doesn’t help are the numerous bogus claims and scams that push prices up. There have been some bizarre claims made over the years. Here are some of our favourites.

Hail of a story

One enterprising American man thought he could make a quick buck when a large hailstorm hit his hometown. When an insurance investigator came to examine his claim for weather damage to his car, he sensed something wrong – all the holes were identical. Yes, the man had thought he could get away with putting holes in his car using a ball hammer.

Handle with care

In America, the one thing almost as common as cars are guns, especially in rural areas. So when one man was driving his pickup truck in the Deep South, he was literally riding shotgun. The problem came when he stopped to get out of the car. Handle with care wasn’t on the man’s mind and he dropped his shotgun as he climbed out of the car. The buck shot destroyed the interior of the car, making for a very bizarre self-inflicted insurance claim.

Counting sheep and the cost

Driving home from the pub, one man had a rather strange incident. Passing under a bridge, he was shocked to see a sheep fall from above and crush his car. To make things worse, his car was a total write off. As for the sheep, the man wouldn’t say!

The Christmas tree

As it is the season of goodwill, we couldn’t leave this off the list. A man was driving along one Christmas when his car was struck by a flying Christmas tree. It turned out that another driver had badly tied their festive furnishing to the roof of the car. When they drove too quickly round the corner, the tree flew off and into the poor man’s car. With no sign of the bad driver, the man was told by the police that he could keep the tree!

published: 30/12/2016 16:02:14

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