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New Year resolutions for car lovers

2018 is here and we will all be putting together our resolutions for the year ahead. Lose weight, take up a hobby, quit smoking, those are some of the usual standards that will be broken and forgotten by the end of February. But this year will be different. Here are some ideas for resolutions for car lovers.

Finally get that upgrade

We’ve all had times where we’ve been battling to drive a car that’s not fit for purpose. It’s easy to get attached to our cars, the little quirks and characteristics that give a car its personality. But a new car is often always an upgrade – better to drive and lower running costs. January and February is the time to buy, as there will be plenty of deals before the new number plate comes into effect.

Give your car a proper clean

When using your car on a daily basis, it’s easy for it to become a bit of a dumping ground for all your wrappers and meal deals. This can build up over the years until it becomes like you are driving a rubbish bag. Getting your car cleaned regularly will leave you healthier and happier. What better time to start then now?

Get your car serviced

Cars can be expensive to run, so the temptation is there to delay repairing something you know isn’t working. This can lead to a bigger and more costly problem further down the road. Now is the time to get it fixed, so you can relax heading into the fresh New Year.

More road trips

We often promise ourselves that we will get out more, make the most of the sights and scenery around where we live. So why not add that to your list of resolutions? Look online or get a book from your local tourist board.

published: 02/01/2018 09:59:33

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