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Nissan to change battery policy

Nissan to change battery policy Image

Nissan will offer a more thorough warranty on the battery of its Leaf electric car following criticisms from owners of the model.

People who own Nissan Leaf models were sent a letter by executive vice president of the manufacturer, Andy Palmer.

He wrote: "Since launch, the Nissan LEAF has garnered some of the highest customer advocacy of any vehicle in the Nissan line-up, so we understand the importance of maintaining and growing that advocacy.

"And the only way to do that is by earning a high level of customer trust in our product and our support of it. Nissan is fully committed to the long-term viability of electric vehicles and we will continue to demonstrate that with action."

This came after drivers complained that the battery fails to fully re-charge, especially in warmer temperatures.

Once Car Warranty policies have been updated during spring, Nissan will be the first electric car manufacturer to offer cover for battery capacity loss.

The firm will repair or replace batteries which drop under nine of 12 bars on display on the equipment's capacity gauge.

According to Palmer, a battery which has nine indicated bars on the battery is keeping about 70% of its original battery capacity.

The warranty will apply for the first 60,000 miles, or for the first five years. It will be implemented along with the Lead's current 100,000-mile battery defect coverage.

All Leaf owners will be covered under the policy, no matter of whether they bought the 2013 model, 2012 model or 2011 model.

published: 14/01/2013 14:00:01

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