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No Excuse for no Car Insurance

No Excuse for no Car Insurance Image

While it is one thing for motorists to decline to take out an extended Motor Warranty, there is absolutely no excuse for any driver not to have car insurance because it is a critical expense, claims an expert in the sector.  

Swinton Group Claims Manager, Steve Chilton, says that young drivers in particular should be aware of the vital importance of having a car insurance policy that is valid and up to date, as it is not only illegal not to do so but also puts them in the position that in the event of an accident, they would have to pay for it all by themselves.  Despite this, however, many people in the United Kingdom are still continuing to drive without a car insurance policy.

"I think the reason for that is that they are unaware of the type of cover that is in existence" Chilton believes.  "Also the implications of driving without insurance may not have been fully explained to them."

According to the findings of the research that has been carried out by the Swinton Group, as many as 94.73% of motorists believe that the high cost of insurance is having a huge negative impact on their ability to fully participate in and enjoy their social lives.  In the same study, as much as 27.1% of people admit that they are at least aware of young people who drive the car belonging to their parents but have no insurance, or indeed do so themselves.

published: 19/12/2011 11:00:02

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