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Police urge drivers to help cut car crime

Police urge drivers to help cut car crime Image

Motorists are being urged to avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles following a spate of thefts.

Police are worried drivers' attitudes to vehicle security are too relaxed with motorists leaving satnavs, money and handbags in their cars, often in plain view.

Officers in Peterborough are reminding drivers to take valuables with them, avoid leaving their vehicle running or unlocked when left unattended and to leave the glove box empty and open to show nothing is hidden away inside.

Inspector Rob Hill said while police were working to reduce vehicle crime they also needed motorists to help cut their risk of becoming a victim by becoming more security conscious.

He said: "If motorists continue to leave valuable items in their cars and vans, the problem continues.

"Having your car broken into is not only costly but also time consuming. Our very strong advice is to remove all valuable items from your car, and leave the glove box open before leaving it unattended."

The advice comes after 60 thefts from vehicles in the space of just 19 days in Peterborough alone.

published: 09/08/2012 17:00:00

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