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Rising Garage Costs Increase Need for Car Warranties

A newly published survey suggests that drivers would be better equipped to cover the increasing cost of running a vehicle if they took advantage of Car Warranties. According to the findings, the cost of having a car repaired at a garage continues to increase faster than the rate of inflation; labour charges are now on average 74.82 per hour, a rise of almost 6% over the past twelve months. Some franchise garages which are traditionally more expensive are charging on average 40% more than independent garages. These prices are in addition to the cost of any replacement parts that may be required.

Prices are also affected by the location, with repair costs in the south of England among the highest, while the cheapest can be found in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Cardiff has seen one of the biggest rises over the past year, with rates rising by almost 20%, while Suffolk has seen some of the most dramatic rises which exceed the 20% mark. Charges in some areas are now equal to rates charged by solicitors. As such, those who do not have car warranties are advised to shop around as much as possible.

In the current economic climate, it is important for car owners to have peace of mind. Car warranties are one way of ensuring that you are not caught unaware by rising charges, and enable you to ensure that they can have repairs and maintenance carried out on your vehicle when it is needed -without the headache of high garage bills.

published: 15/11/2010 15:05:36

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