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Saab Warranty Situation Uncertain

Saab Warranty Situation Uncertain Image

Buyers of Saab vehicles in the United Kingdom are still uncertain as to what is going to happen to their Car Warranties now that Saab in Sweden has declared bankruptcy and its UK division has also gone into administration.  Saab dealers in the United Kingdom have also been left in the dark as to what is going to happen and official channels of information appear to have dried up.

In the United States, those who own Saab vehicles that were built before the 1st January last year will have their car warranties honoured by General Motors, which owned the Swedish car making company prior to that time, but there are no such arrangements in place for those who purchased Saab vehicles after that date.  Although both Saab Parts and Saab Cars USA remain in business, Tim Colbeck, the head of the latter company, says that his firm is not currently in a position to be able to reimburse dealers for warranty work, which means that either the dealer or the owner of the vehicle will ultimately be left to foot the bill.

The situation is actually even worse in the United Kingdom, as many Saab dealerships are owned by Saab UK, which is now in administration. 

"Because of the early stage that proceedings are at, we're unable to offer any specific advice" says the Communications Manager at Motor Codes, David Rogers.  "In the first instance, the advice is to contact your dealer.  Once the administrators make clear the situation with warranties, our advice line will be able to relay the message to Saab customers."

published: 23/12/2011 14:00:00

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