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SEAT Supports Winter Tyre Campaign

SEAT Supports Winter Tyre Campaign Image

The not for profit TyreSafe campaign is intended to make drivers aware that as well as Vehicle Warranties there are other ways to protect their vehicles, principally by fitting winter tyres to their car to prepare for the cold weather, and the campaign now has the full backing of SEAT. 

The United Kingdom has suffered a number of very cold winters of late, with temperatures plummeting and ice and snow rendering many roads completely unusable, and so the advantages of fitting winter tyres to vehicles are clear. 

SEAT has a network of more than 120 dealers across the whole of the United Kingdom and all of them will be used to spread the word about the campaign, which will demonstrate both the undeniable benefits of winter tyres as well as show just how easily they can be swapped in place of summer ones. 

When the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, winter tyres can be of great benefit even without the presence of snow or ice on the ground as temperatures can have a major impact on the performance of a tyre.  Temperatures of below seven degrees Celsius can result in the hardening of the tread compound in ordinary tyres, making them able to offer progressively less and less in the way of grip as the condition worsens.  

Winter tyres, on the other hand, are manufactured with a more natural form of rubber that is able to keep them both soft and much more flexible during periods of very cold temperatures.

published: 27/09/2011 11:00:01

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