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Simple Ways to Get a Used Car Warranty

When that unexpected car problem rears its head it can truly make your heart (and wallet) sink. Depending on the severity of your problem it could result in a huge repair bill due to labour and part costs. All too often it strikes at the worst time, when you desperately need the car or don’t have any money to spare. Once it has happened you might not be at ease again for quite a while.

For this reason many drivers choose to invest in used Car Warranties for their vehicles. Once the driver agrees to set conditions and premiums of a warranty they can truly take a load off their mind. Should their car break down in the future, the warranty provider will take care of repairs and associated costs. Conditions of repairs covered will vary between providers but this can be clearly examined and discussed before proceeding with any warranty. When it comes to finding a suitable warranty for your car, there are three main routes you can take.

Extending the Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your car is still relatively new then it may still have some of the original manufacturer’s warranty remaining. If this is the case, it may be possible to extend the length of the warranty to give you more cover. The price and availability will always vary between manufacturers, as will the conditions and coverage. You should also consider other options too as this can be costly and may not provide all the protection you need. These warranties can easily be discussed and arranged by visiting a local official dealership for your make of vehicle.

Buy From a Used Car Dealership

This option is often available if you choose to purchase from a dealership rather than private seller. It is quite common for dealerships to bundle warranties with their cars to sweeten the deal. If a warranty is not included then there is no harm in asking if they would be willing to offer one. Whilst this sounds great you would still be wise to carefully check the conditions, finding out exactly what is covered before going ahead. It is often the case that the duration may not be very long or only cover limited parts. Whilst it is certainly better than no protection, you must consider whether it will give you the peace of mind you require.

Go to a Specialist Provider

There are many stand-alone companies who specialise in providing used car warranties for drivers around the country. Going to a professional company that understands the driver’s concerns can give you real confidence whilst out on the road. In most cases this will be the wisest choice. Browsing online or speaking to a representative on the phone will give you a clear understanding of coverage and premium. These will often vary depending on make, model and age. Many companies will offer multiple levels of protection to suit a variety of different budgets. A specialist will usually provide far more comprehensive cover than the other listed options so is definitely worth investgating.

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published: 31/03/2015 10:31:01

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