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Six million leave snow on vehicle

Six million leave snow on vehicle Image

Around six million drivers do not bother to remove the snow from their vehicle before they get inside, according to a parts retailer.

Almost one in five motorists are guilty of not removing accumulated snow from their car, Halfords says.

Nevertheless, most will clear snow from the windscreen and back window but will leave it on their vehicle's roof, which may end up seeing them prosecuted for careless driving.

If a vehicle had to stop quickly, the snow from the roof may fall into the windscreen and obscure the driver's view, or fall backwards into the path of any vehicle following.

Halfords says a snow build up on the roof also reduces a vehicle's fuel efficiency by an average 2% because it can make the overall car weigh an extra 35kg. Calculated on a national basis, this extra weight means drivers waste 110,000 by burning more fuel than necessary, according to the retailer.

Alan Rennie of Halfords said: "Driving with snow on your car roof could land you with a 60 fine and three points on your licence. It could be even worse if you are involved in an accident because of snow falling off your car, if police chose to prosecute for careless or inconsiderate driving.

"But on top of that, now we know it will cost motorists money to carry that extra icy weight around with them.

"Our research should give all drivers that extra incentive to remove the snow from most parts of their car, not just the windows, before they set off.

"It's very simple to use a snow brush and clear the roof."

published: 21/01/2013 17:00:01

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