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The Best Parking Hacks

Parking your car can be one of the most stressful parts of driving. Whether itís finding a space in a crowded car park, or having to complete a parallel parking manoeuvre while traffic stops to watch your attempt, parking can cause you a lot of headaches. But it doesnít have to be that way. With our tips and hacks, youíll be able to park anyway you like Ė just as long as you find a space.†

Practise makes perfect

It may seem like an obvious tip, but practising your parking can help alleviate the little bad habits and mistakes you make when it comes to getting into a space. Not only will you have a little more confidence, youíll also have†a better idea of the size of your car and its dimensions.†

Give it a go

There is often a temptation to avoid trying to park in a space if the roads are busy or youíre not feeling†confident,but†you might end up driving far away to get a space. By giving it a go, youíll practise your parking more and also be more likely to get a good space.†

Hang a tennis ball in your garage

This is something you might have seen on American television, but if you park inside a garage, hang a tennis ball from the ceiling and position it so it is touching your car window when parked. That will mean youíll know when you are in the perfect parking position in the garage, and wonít be in danger of hitting the wall with your car. It may seem a little redundant, but if youíre tired or not concentrating, it will be a big help.†

Reverse in, drive out

Good parking is all about saving you time and effort. Thatís why itís always better to reverse in rather than out. Reversing in takes a little time at the start. But when you come back to your car, you will find it a lot quicker to get going.††

Winter tip: Park facing east

If you park outside on a road that runs east to west, park your car facing east. That means if the temperature drops overnight and freezes your car, it will be facing the sunrise in the morning, defrosting your windshield.

published: 02/03/2018 08:45:09

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