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The Car Warranty War

Several publications of late have been discussing the so called ‘warranty war’. This is basically where the car manufacturers are offering great deals on warranty for their car purchase. For example, Vauxhall has decided to introduce as part of its standard policy a Car Warranty that covers “all major parts throughout the cars life”.

This is a massive jump from usual policies that normally end if the car gets sold on or if it reaches 100,000 miles. This is ideal and gives extra peace of mind to people who are buying a second hand car but are concerned about things going wrong soon after purchase of the vehicle, which tends to happen quite frequently.

Prior to this, Chevrolet announced a 5 year warranty deal which was in answer to a similar offer from Toyota. A 3 year warranty on new cars is normal, but in order for consumers to locate better car warranty deals, they will need to look for something that will give assurance of repairs should any problems arise. This could see a large influx of sales for Vauxhall motors, and time will tell if this has been a smart move on their part.

New cars coming with short warranties means that the dealers can then offer to sell the consumer extended warranty plans; the Vauxhall deal will cut down on any sales the dealer will hope to achieve. Due to the economic climate, many consumers will want to know that their car warranty will cover them for unexpected problems, as car repairs can often be very costly.

published: 17/11/2010 10:55:27

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