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The coolest Star Wars vehicles

Fans of science fiction rejoiced as Star Wars is now back, bigger and better than ever. With a new entry released every year, weíre seeing more of the fantastic vehicles and spaceships that have flared imaginations since 1977. Hereís our pick of the coolest Star Wars vehicles.

Lukeís Landspeeder

We all dream of having hover cars, so when Luke sped around the deserts of Tattooine in his Landspeeder, it was something that every little boy and girl dreamed of driving. Unlike most science fiction films, the Landspeeder was dirty and grimy, giving it a lived in impression.

X-Wing starfighter

The vehicle of choice for the Rebel Alliance, the X-Wing helped defeat the evil empire on many occasions. Whether itís Luke destroying the original Death Star, or Poe Dameron defeating the First Order at Starkiller base, the X-Wing is the Rebelís best weapon against the dark side.

Millennium Falcon

Since its first appearance in the Star Wars films, this uniquely shaped cruiser has helped Luke, Han and Leia in their battle against the dark side. It even played a key part in Return of the Jedi, destroying the second Death Star under the control of Lando Calrissian. Used by Han Solo to smuggle goods for Jabba the Hutt, it now belongs to Rey and Chewbacca, who use it in their search for Luke Skywalker.

TIE Silencer

Every villain needs their own personal vehicle, and Kylo Ren has his TIE Silencer. Making light work of the rebel fleet, the Silencer is an upgrade on Darth Vaderís personal fighter, with sleek lines and powerful weapons, all fuelled by the hate and anger inside Kylo.


When these huge four-legged vehicles appeared in the Empire Strikes Back, we all knew that the Rebelís were in trouble. These huge tanks on legs seemed unstoppable. It took a lot of Rebel ingenuity to even slow these vehicles down. But in the end, they were able to destroy the Rebel base.

published: 12/01/2018 08:52:36

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