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The Ones to Watch in this Seasonís Formula One

Formula One is a truly exciting event for both long-term followers and newcomers to the sport. Each team carefully builds their own ultra-refined racing cars before battling head to head on the track. The drivers put in days of intense practice, learning to push the cars to the limit without reaching failure. The sheer speed at which the cars accelerate and handle corners is truly a sight to behold. Then there is the element of unpredictability; breakdowns and accidents can happen at any time. It can be nail bitingly tense at times.

The lucky few can watch at the track, where they can feel the scream of the powerful engines as they whizz by. But for rest we can still watch live from home with full HD, perfect camera angles and the latest race information. Now the big question on everyoneís lips is who is going to win this season? See below for the key teams you need to watch out for this racing season.


Mercedes is without a doubt the team to beat this season. They have experienced great success in the previous season, boasting large time advantages over their opponents. Their previous car performed remarkably thanks to their powerful but light engine and precise chassis.

This year their competitors will surely double their efforts to outperform Mercedes both in driving and car development. But it is likely Mercedes can remain one-step ahead of the game as they continue their development.

When it comes to drivers, Mercedes has the most promising pair. Lewis Hamilton is one of the current fastest drivers and no doubt will be hungry for his third world championship. Hamilton will not go down without a fight thatís for sure. He also drives very well together with his teammate of the last three seasons Nico Rosberg.

Red Bull

The team celebrates their 10th anniversary in the sport and another big contender to win this season. Sadly they have already suffered the loss of their star driver Sebastian Vettel to the Ferrari team. Nevertheless, a new and promising driver Daniil Kvyat will†team up with the talented Daniel Ricciardo this season.

Their Renault engine was a slight let down last season so they will certainly focus hard on getting it right this time. Red Bull has acquired the experience and funds to design and put together a highly competitive car. The question is can the Renault engine stand up to the might of Mercedes?

The Red Bull team is very capable of snatching wins from Mercedes, especially when they let their guard down. If they suffer any difficulties out on the track you can be sure the Red Bull team will take full advantage. Kvyat just needs to make sure he doesnít let things slip, he has great ability but many believe him to be still quite raw.


The Williams team certainly cannot match the sky-high budgets of the big teams like Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull. However, they can still surprise them if anyone slacks for even a second. They performed well during the last season so it is likely they can bring their success through to this season too.

Williamsí success in racing is nothing less than proof that it takes more than bottomless cash funds to perform well on the track. Their extra money in this seasonís budget is well received and put towards building a good car.

The team drivers are also very promising; Valtteri Bottas is a quick driver who is consistent and controlled. His teammate Felipe Massa is another quick one, especially on his good days.

Williams looks to be the underdog compared to the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull. But donít let this fool you; the team is very capable of getting on the podiums with third and forth place. Maybe they will get a chance to climb even higher this season.

published: 13/03/2015 09:19:40

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