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The shocking state of UK roads revealed

The shocking state of UK roads revealed Image

The condition of Britain's roads is fast approaching crisis level, with nearly a third of all routes in need of repairs, a union claims.

The GMB union said the country's roads are in a "shocking" situation, with motorists on the Isle of White most at risk of mechanical breakdowns as they are driving on the worst surfaces, followed by those of North Lincolnshire, Nottingham and the City of London.

It claims five per cent of England's roads showed signs of "considerable deterioration" in the past 12 months.

"It is clear from the official data that our roads are in a shocking state with almost a third needing attention," National officer Brian Strutton said. He confirmed that road damage and potholes were affecting wheel and suspension conditions and claims for compensation for such damage were up by as much as 40% in some areas.

He said taxpayers have a right to expect to drive on roads in decent condition, but some local authorities do not see it as a priority and were spending less on road maintenance due to cuts in their budgets. "Indeed, even when repairs are being carried out it is often done on the cheap to a low standard so it's soon in a mess again," Mr Strutton said.

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